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Hypnosis and Lupus


Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which means that the immune system starts attacking the body. If you came here looking for information about hypnosis and lupus, you or someone you love may be suffering with this difficult diagnosis. While there are many lifestyle recommendations and holistic approaches to managing inflammation accompanying lupus, there are five main components of the experience of lupus that hypnosis/hypnotherapy can help with:

1) inflammation — hypnosis can be used to modulate inflammatory response

2) immune function — hypnosis can modulate immune function

3) pain — related to inflammation, hypnosis can be used to reduce or eliminate pain associated with lupus

4) stress/anxiety — stress can be a trigger for lupus symptoms, so managing stress is key

5) secondary pain from the emotional experience of having lupus — if you’re feeling bad about feeling bad, hypnosis can help


All my hypnotherapy work with chronic illness comes with thorough training in self-administered hypnotic techniques.

If you would like to discuss hypnotherapy for managing symptoms of autoimmune disease, give me a call at 309-518-9333.


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I am a hypnotist, not a doctor. I do not diagnose or treat, but I work as a cooperative part of your healing team, which includes licensed medical professionals. Always check with your doctor before undergoing hypnosis for pain management to ensure any underlying causes of pain have been identified and addressed. 


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