Hypnosis & IBS

I just love that people are starting to wake up to the fact that hypnosis can be used to relieve the symptoms of IBS and Crohns disease. I thought this was something that I would have to work to educate the public about (and I am doing so right here), but I have been getting referrals from medical professionals for it, so awareness is growing!

(I do not diagnose nor treat medical conditions. I CAN be a wonderful addition to your healing team to alleviate symptoms of conditions that have been diagnosed by a licensed professional.) 

For those of you who would like to see it, I dug up an article from Gastroenterology (from 2002, so a little old, but still relevant — full text!) that explains the effect of hypnosis on IBS and other gastrointestinal problems, like indigestion. Notably, in multiple studies, participants receiving hypnosis experienced substantial and long-term reduction/abatement in symptoms. 

Now as I mentioned, that research is a little old, and what we’ve found out more recently is that the vagus nerve, the big bundle of nerves that comes down through our brain and connects all our organs, is critical to digestive function. (And to our mental an emotional health! We are not just a collection of body parts — they all work together.) The vagus nerve tells us when it is time to rest and digest. Having a well-toned vagus nerve means having overall good health.

So how do we tone the vagus nerve? The vagus nerve can be stimulated in various ways:

* meditation

* singing

* diaphragmatic breathing

* and yes, hypnosis! 


And we are always learning more about hypnosis works in various ways, but there is a lot of solid and CURRENT research out there that validates the high responsiveness of gut issues to hypnosis, in addition to a lot of happy people who have experienced significant and lasting relief. So if you’re suffering from IBS, Crohns, or FD, and would like to look into hypnosis to reduce or abate your symptoms, do give me a ring. 


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