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I'm offering my own originally-developed ICBCH-approved Certified Hypnotist Level 1: Foundations training beginning May 1 -- schedule and registration details to be announced soon. (Please sign up below to get the full scoop.) This training covers all the basics of hypnosis for clinical applications, and provides enough of of a foundation to plug hypnosis into an existing practice.  

Therefore, I am especially interested in getting these skills into the hands of people who already have practices, such as chiropractors, doctors, nurses, counselors, therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, coaches, teachers and so on.

Note: Although Level 2 goes much more into applications, I will be tagging the information as I deliver it to show you how to apply it in your existing practice.


If you do not have an existing practice but still want to take this training, you are also welcome! Think of it as a starting point if you want to have a thorough understanding of hypnosis from a self-help perspective, or if you are interested in establishing a basis for further training.


I will be offering Certified Professional Hypnotist Level 2: Applications and Specialties, Mentorship starting in October. This advanced training is open to anyone who has taken my level 1, or anyone who has taken a different hypnosis certification training. Current practitioners or people looking to launch their practice are totally welcome, as are people in practice who want to focus on developing a specialty. 

This training includes my own turnkey programs for weight loss, smoking cessation, and anxiety. Additionally, practitioners will choose a niche and develop original material to serve a particular group of people, creating scripts and strategies, a length of program, packages, and implementing practice-building systems. 

This program is designed to be tailored to your intentions, so if you are already practicing, you can choose where you want to spend your energy. For example, if you already have a good system for weight loss, you can keep all the course materials but choose to focus on mastering smoking cessation. Or if you already have solid applied skills in place and are interested only in developing your own material based on your education and experience, you could choose to direct all your focus to that.

Even if you don't have an established practice, you may have a very specific idea of how you want to specialize, and I encourage you to run with that. I will be offering structure and guidance, but also a lot of freedom in how you can use it.  My main goal is to see you putting your skills into action.

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