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Although most people begin the history of Hypnosis with Mesmer in 1734, the truth is that trance states are an integral part of human consciousness, and have been practiced in ceremonial context in every culture for thousands of years. One of the earliest symbols of trance-based ritual are depictions of the labyrinth, which is a physical space meditation that has captured the imagination of everyone from the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, to the Celts, and even Jim Henson! 

I mention the labyrinth because most people don't associate it with trance, but it is a trance, and it's also about a *journey*. It's about a confusing, yet predictable, pattern of growth and change. It's about going to the underworld and back. It's about the hero's journey. It's about taking the next step, over and over and over. It's about battling the David Bowie goblin to save your inner child. 

I work with trance states. That is my experience and professional training, and I have been in full-time practice since 2017. I also am qualified to teach and certify hypnotists through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, and I have been doing so since 2021. 

Anyone considering working with me should know that "hypnosis" is not the result or the product. Hypnotic techniques are the way that we spend our time together, and they are the vehicle for traveling the different parts of your mind. Trance states will be experienced, but they in themselves are not an end goal, as many times our work is to break the problem trance that you're already in. 

Hypnotic techniques are the rhythm and rhyme of the ritual with which we spend time in sacred communion with the different parts of yourself. 

I operate on the premise that the most important answers that you can find are revealed through your own body, your inner knowing, and your lived experience. I am an animist, which means that I believe in the interconnection of all of life. I orient my work in a particular way, which is to stay associated in the body, and in somewhat lucid focused awareness much of the time, although I also see my job as helping you get out of your own way, whatever that means, and listening to yourself, whatever that means, so I can't guarantee only one type of experience. It's also worth noting that going into trance is something that, while some people seem to do it naturally and easily, it's also a choice and a skill that can be developed. I have more on that in my intro video course. 

Hypnosis and NLP are the modalities with which I work with the mind, but coaching is the larger container that allows us to collaboratively orient our work. Because our working relationship unfolds over time in collaboration with your soul's yearning. True growth requires sustained practice, attention, and intention, and the coaching container supports the kind of growth that isn't always comfortable, isn't always immediate, but *is* incredibly worthwhile.

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Your Next Steps

Consult Call

We assess where you're at and how I can help you. 


On the call, I will make you an offer. I don't do pressurized sales, but I do appreciate decisiveness and commitment, so I tend to offer a one-time below-listed rate of 25-30% off if you make at least a deposit on the phone. (This also means it's probably best if you only book the call if you're ready to start soon.) Deposits and payment plans are available. 


You'll receive an appointment confirmation with a zoom link. No special prep necessary for your session. 


Depending on what you are working on, you may receive additional video components, or I may prescribe homework that is unique to what you are working on.

Growth Happens

Did you know that verbally articulating your result actually enhances your result? Noticing how you have grown and what has changed helps cement your results. Please consider leaving positive feedback by text, video, or email when you are happy with our work together, as it helps both of us. 
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