Weight Loss Challenge

Hypnosis Meets Nutrition

No matter where you're at on your health and fitness journey, my hypnotic nutrition challenge has something to offer. This 4 or 12 week program offers cutting-edge habit change technology paired with a science-backed customized nutrition plan that gets RESULTS from properly fueling your body's energy needs without restrictive dieting. Yes, you can get muscular definition while still eating carbs! And yes, you can get yourself to commit to a goal and follow through on the actions by working WITH the way that your mind and body work. 

Check out some of these great results from our nutrition program:

You're Invited!

Sign up for 4 or 12 weeks. Each plan includes:

* a digital course on hypnotic habit change
* specific techniques and strategies for overcoming common challenges like sugar cravings and emotional eating
* a personalized nutrition plan designed for YOU and YOUR GOALS
* an on-call nutrition coach 
* 2x weekly check-in by text
* Playful weekly competition amongst all current participants with specific milestones for adhering to the program to enhance accountability and motivation

One Month


Three Months


Questions? Just drop us a message in the chat bubble.

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