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An Incomplete List of Other Things I Can (and Can't) Do


I Can Help With Menopausal Changes

I haven't personally experienced menopause, but I have experience helping people with menopause -- my own mother included. Even though it can be uncomfortable in some ways, it's also a powerful time to reconnect with yourself. 


I Can Help With Fertility

Fears held in the body can get in the way of conception. If you have been checked out by a doctor already and can safely pursue a conjunct or alternative route, consider working with me because talking and listening to the body is my gift and my joy. 


I Can Help With That Thing You Don't Want To Talk About

One of the really cool things about what I do is that I can help you resolve your problem like algebra. If you don't want to talk about it, that is fine! We can do content-free hypnosis, which means that we ask your subconscious to resolve the thing in the privacy of your own mind. This is often an expedient way to handle things, because it minimizes conscious involvement.


I Can Help With Post Traumatic Stress

If you are suffering continued reactivity after a stressful event, I can help you safely resolve your symptoms without having to revivify the event(s). I am trained in NLP techniques designed for this purpose, and they are extremely effective. As always, please note that I do not diagnose or prescribe. I am happy to work as part of your team when appropriate. 


I Can Help With Cancer (But I Can't Cure Cancer)

I have been through the experience of a loved one having cancer and so this topic is pretty close to my heart. Hypnosis can help address emotional suffering of cancer patients and their loved ones, ease pain,  mitigate side effects of chemo, and assist in the best possible result, whatever that means in the context of the situation.

However... and while I hold that the body has amazing self-healing powers... I do not offer miracle cancer cures, as to do so would be unethical.

I mention this because often times people consider hypnosis as a last resort, and an act of desperation. That is not the way that I offer this work. I am not god nor do I play her on TV. I can't subvert death. I am a deeply spiritual person in my personal life, but... and perhaps because of that, I understand that we're all going to die at some point. What I can actually commit to doing is facilitation of the body's best function, and minimization of suffering.

which brings me to...

Things I Do Not Do

Either because I can't, or I don't want to. Offered playfully (but I'm also serious).


I Can Not Fix Your Spouse

I know it would be so great if I could just get rid of that annoying way they chew food, or change their mind about wanting a divorce, or make them stop drinking, but no... I'm sorry!  I can not take on other-people-fixing projects. I can help YOU be the way you want to be in the context of the situation. I can help them if they reach out (because they want to, and not because you made them). 

If you are having marital problems and need someone to talk to both of you, I will most likely refer you to an LMFT. 


I Will Not Help You If You Don't Want Me To

This might sound strange but I've definitely had the odd person who wanted to defy me to make them change. No. Just no. Maybe there's someone out there that is a master of reverse-reverse-reverse psychology who is happy to offer an adversarial experience, but I do not spend my energy like that. My basic starting point is that we're on the same team.


I Will Not Help You Find That Thing You Hid Under Your Floorboards or Whatever

Lost item recall is a legitimate use of hypnosis, but it's not the sort of thing that I enjoy doing because this type of request is often accompanied by a high degree of urgency and it depends on you actually knowing where the thing is. If it got moved, you really don't!  

Still, there is a chance that there are some good clues in your memory waiting to be recovered, so please be encouraged to seek out one of my esteemed colleagues for this type of request.


I Will Not Help You Look For Bad Memories

Memory is a fascinating topic! If we put a difficult memory out of our mind, usually it is for a good reason -- to protect us. And our subconscious typically decides to bring things up on its own timeframe when it knows it is ready to heal. But did you know that a memory changes every time we access it? Memory is incredibly plastic. Memory is not anything approaching truth or reality. You do not need to access the bad-feeling memory to feel better -- in fact, it may be counterproductive to do so. Sometimes I get approached to "figure out what really happened," and my response is to ask "what is the intention behind wanting to know, and how do you want to feel now?" That is the bottom line.  

When I work with memories, it is always with the specific objective of creating more resourcing, more lightness, more freedom, to see things in a different way, to be released from the old narrative, to feel better now. If you're ready for that project, I'm here for it. 

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