Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to get a good night's sleep, and the ensuing stress can create a bit of a negative feedback loop. Fortunately, natural solutions are available!

Yes, you can use hypnosis to fall asleep and rest well.  As with anything else listed here, your commitment and participation are required. Much can be accomplished in a session, but training yourself to relax consistently may require some self-application on your end, especially if it is a long-standing issue or it has been preceded by other temporary solutions that have actually exacerbated the problem.

That said, the results are well worth the effort, and with hypnosis you can enjoy freedom from unwanted side effects.


Have you heard of the enteric nervous system? Turns out, your gut and your brain are a 2-way communication channel. Your gut and your brain communicate about many things, including stress! You need to be in a relaxed state in order to digest. 

There's been a ton of research on hypnosis and IBS over the last 20 years, and for true IBS it's one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate symptoms. One thing you need to know though is that it's not an instant miracle cure in most cases,  usually requiring at least 6 sessions and sustained practice of either self-hypnosis or listening to recordings (and ideally both) in between sessions. Relief and reduction of symptoms should be apparent on session 1, but for sustained results you need to retrain your body to relax, and often consider what you can do to address life circumstance factors that are exacerbating your stress as well.

The great news is that people who do follow the program experience lasting results, anecdotally and also according to the research.


The experience of pain is subjective and malleable. To the extent that hypno-anaesthesia is a thing. My hypnosis teacher underwent cataract surgery with no pain killers. Incredible! 

There are a lot of different factors that go into the way we experience pain, and hypnosis can act on all of them. The main thing you need to know is that it is important to make sure that the pain is not giving you a message that you need to take seriously. For example, you wouldn't want to walk on a broken ankle or miss a message that you need medical treatment. 

If you are experiencing unnecessary pain or an unnecessary degree of pain, I can help with that.


Fibromyalgia symptoms are combo of some of the topics  covered on this page -- pain, sleep disturbance, brain fog, and often IBS.  

Additionally, many of the clients I've seen for fibromyalgia symptoms have had to work through the emotional impact of living with this condition that seriously impacts daily functioning. 

Hypnosis can address all of these concerns, and it can do so without making any assumptions. A  good metaphor from one of the leading experts on hypnosis for fibromyalgia is, "you don't need to know exactly how the car got out of alignment in order to put it back into alignment again." 


Would you be surprised to know that the structure of a an allergy release is often similar to a phobia release? Yep! Allergies are responsive to hypnosis, and they can often be resolved quickly. I personally had my own allergy to bird feathers released in one session back in August. I don't really think about it much anymore, but I know that I'm symptom-free! I can do this for you too. 

Anything Triggered By Stress

There are a lot of things I have worked with that I haven't covered here because there are so many permutations of illness that are either caused by or exacerbated by stress.

Mystery pains that doctors have cleared of being anything serious. Various types of chronic illnesses. Skin irritation flareups. Headaches and migraines. Tinnitus. Teeth grinding (bruxism).

I'll often see several people with an unusual problem all in the same week or even the same day, and then not come across it again for a long time. 

It's all very interesting to be able to help people and teach self-help techniques in this realm that is still considered  mysterious. I don't think of it as mysterious, although I am continually working to approach all situations with an open mind, because I know that the real value that I am offering here is not in applying a certain technique or method, but listening to and showing up for what is actually before me. 

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