One of the benefits to using NLP for anxiety is that it is a self-administered intervention that can be done any time, anywhere. No medication, props, or people are required in order to access it. All you need is an understanding of how to apply the tool, and to remember that it's there when you need it.

using NLP for anxiety
Using NLP for Anxiety is as simple as playing with sizes, shapes, and colors

Feel the Fear and Play with It

Where do you feel the fear? Is it your head? Is it in your chest? Is it in your stomach, or somewhere else? Does it have a color, a shape, or a size? Close your eyes, turn your attention inward. Notice where you're feeling the fear, and assign some attributes to it.

If it's light, you might try making it heavy. Or vice-versa: if it's heavy, make it light. If it is on one side of your body, shift it to the other side. If it's dark, make it light.

If it's in your head, try shifting it down to your chest, or your stomach. Notice how the feeling changes as it moves to each different location. You could even send it into your big toe. What happens when you send it into your big toe? Or even send it into the ground.

Pull the Plug on Anxiety

Imagine the scene that is causing the fear as an image, and just imagine that there's a little bath stopper at the bottom. Pull the plug and let all the color and emotion drain away.

Then, you could even make the image darker, dimmer, and farther away.

Run this process a few more times if you need to, experimenting with the ways in which you can play with the image.

Notice how even just the act of changing the way you see something changes the way you experience it.

Step out of Stress

In the same way that you change clothes after coming home from work, imagine peeling the stress off of you and into a place on the ground. Brushing the stress lightly off and away from you with your hand could also be helpful. Then, once you've de-stressed yourself from head to toe, step out of the pile of stress, bag it up, and throw it away.

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Using hypnosis to quit smoking will help you avoid the drawbacks of quitting

Many people are afraid to quit smoking because they don't want to gain weight. But you shouldn't let that stop you. Quitting smoking doesn't have to make you gain weight. When approached with the right mindset, utilizing self-hypnosis, it can actually facilitate weight loss.

You're Going to Eat Healthier

Let's be honest, smoking is really bad for your body. But if you're replacing your cigarette cravings with healthier choices, you'll be eating healthier foods, and you'll be burning more calories throughout the day. That can add up to a lot of weight loss.

You're Going to Move More

A lot of people think that quitting smoking means you're going to have to replace it with some other bad habit, but that's just a matter of personal choice! In fact, the simple act of quitting smoking itself can be enough to move you into a healthier lifestyle, according to the Cleveland Clinic. You can make the process of quitting smoking a way of achieving other goals at the same time.

Smoking costs you a lot of money, money that you may as well spend on things that actually make you happy. That means quitting smoking and starting to live a healthier life. It also means being more active and spending more time with family and friends.

You're Going to Drink More Water

Once you quit smoking, you'll naturally gravitate towards drinking lots of fresh, clean water. This will help your body flush the toxic nicotine from your system. Within 72 hrs of your last cigarette, your body will be free from all traces of toxic nicotine. This allows your body to begin to heal. Just imagine waking up with that clean feeling in your lungs and mouth every morning for the rest of your life.


When you focus on your desired outcome, being smoke-free and in better health, you can achieve that outcome and enjoy the person you've become in the process.

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