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A certain amount of stress is helpful in creating focus and motivation, but in excess it can cause cascades of physical and mental issues. Hypnosis is a fast and effective way to relieve stress so that you're better able to respond to life from a place of choice. 


Hypnosis is great for changing patterns and behavior, removing compulsions, and lowering stress, which can play a huge role in retaining weight. I work with a balanced macros approach for more specific guidelines, and it is compatible with omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, and more. 


CLICK HERE to join my free smoking cessation group! You can get all your questions answered there, and see options for service and pricing. 


Hypnosis can be used to alleviate the symptoms of IBS and Crohns and other conditions triggered by stress and inflammation, relieve pain including fibromyalgia, ease migraines, reduce or eliminate headaches, address sexual anxiety, and more. I do not diagnose or treat any physical or mental condition, but I can help you adhere to your doctor's advice, and offer a holistic approach to relieving an array of symptoms that are responsive to hypnosis. Check out for research on hypnosis + your specific condition, or drop me a question in the chat bubble.




The ability for Marian to take my anxiety issues away and make me feel so much better, are unbelievable. I recommend her services for anything. Call her and talk to her before you discount her abilities. She is a true healer!


I recommend Marian to everyone I believe is ready to do some searching within themself. Someone like me with PTSD, high daily anxiety and depression I was skeptical it would help. I was nervous to go the 1st time. She made me feel safe and comfortable. I was able to access feelings I had suppressed without the emotional reaction. I felt the weight lift. No it's not a magic bullet. I still have anxiety, I still struggle but I have a new hunger for life. A drive to overcome and a calmness I can access at any time. She's a gem and has helped me tremendously.


I just wanted to say thanks for our sessions a while back. I feel like since then I'm way more capable of handling stressful situations.
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