Do You Gain Weight When You Quit Smoking?

Here’s another question that comes up a lot: “If I quit smoking, will I gain weight?

My cursory glance across Google Scholar does indicate that there is a relationship between smoking and weight, but that is not in the context of using hypnosis either for smoking cessation or weight control. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to quit smoking, that can influence food and weight behaviors as well?

Of course, if you were to substitute a smoking habit for a habit of eating donuts, you would gain weight. But this is assuming you have to substitute your habit of smoking for a habit of anything else at all. In fact, the propensity for people to come up with ways to complicate a smoking cessation process has led me to start a file on the topic, perhaps someday become a humorous coffee table book. “101 ways not to quit smoking”. 

We’re talking about hypnosis here. WE CAN CREATE WHATEVER KIND OF EXPERIENCE THAT WE WANT. How about we create the experience that we DO want instead of exploring creative ways to muck it up? No one is born a smoker, and a smoking habit is not some immutable fact of life that can only be converted into another problem. It’s simply a habit that you have until you don’t.

Why not take that extra moment in the day to take a nice relaxing breath, or have a drink of water?  Why not create a habit of taking a little walk when you need a break? Why not take the gift of a smoking cessation process and turn it into an event that heals the way you respond to life in general?

MOST of my clients quit smoking easily, don’t gain any weight, don’t get triggered when they’re around other smokers, don’t miss smoking, heal their bodies of the damage that was incurred, sleep better, become more active, and just go on with their life better off than they were before.  In fact, most of them wonder why it took them so long to be ready.

The biggest factor in your success is you, and you can create whatever kind of experience you want for yourself. If you want to quit smoking, I invite you to use your inventive imagination to start dreaming up the ways your smoking cessation process will go right.

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