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I’m Marian Spurgeon,  Certified Professional Hypnotist, member and Certified Hypnosis Instructor through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ICBCH).

I help people create change and feel better by working with the subconscious mind.

I hold sessions in Davenport, IA, and online.

My guiding principle is that you are your own best expert — and I will guide you to recognize, access, and utilize the full power of your inner resources. My sessions are designed around the material you bring to the table and I work without scripts, which creates a lot of freedom in what we are able to do. All I need to know is where you want to go.

I was recently featured on the Worksmart Hypnosis Podcast with Jason Linett

I’m in  a totally different place. I feel so good about my ability to do life in a way that I haven’t since I gave birth. It just feels really good to take care of myself and have that kind of assistance in recognizing specifics [of what I need to be doing to take care of myself] and actually taking action on them.

Freda Tyson

DC, Prairie Chiropractic

I recommend Marian to everyone I believe is ready to do some searching within themself. Someone like me with PTSD, high daily anxiety and depression I was skeptical it would help. I was nervous to go the 1st time. She made me feel safe and comfortable. I was able to access feelings I had suppressed without the emotional reaction. I felt the weight lift. No it’s not a magic bullet. I still have anxiety, I still struggle but I have a new hunger for life. A drive to overcome and a calmness I can access at any time. Shes a gem and has helped me tremendously.


Feel Better

Hypnosis can alleviate or eliminate pain, restore sleep patterns, clear brain fog, regulate digestive function, and address emotional components of Fibromyalgia, Crohns, IBS, CFS, and more. Additionally, I’ve worked with mobility, tinnitus, allergies, fear of swallowing, incontinence, shy bowel, and ticklishness.   If you think your problem might be “weird,”  it’s probably not.  Give me a call at 309-518-9333.

I am a member in good standing of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Our code of ethics is as follows:


  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists value continuing education and seek opportunities to continue to grow in knowledge.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists recognize both the benefits and the limitations of clinical hypnosis.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists promote hypnotherapy with demonstrated efficacy.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists accurately represent their educational experiences to clients, using only accredited degrees in representing themselves in both product and service.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists recognize the need for psychological and medical referrals to other professionals and build relationships with other disciplines of helping.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists provide clients with informed consent at the outset of hypnotherapy.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists keep client information confidential, except when required by law, or with the client’s written consent prior to release of confidential information.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists avoid dual-relationships and never have sexual contact with clients.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists provide services in the context of professional business arrangements, and establish fees and payment arrangements clearly understood by clients.
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists recognize the need to adhere to the principles of respecting others when publicly demonstrating hypnosis in non-clinical settings
  • ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists promote public awareness of hypnotherapy.